Friday, December 4, 2009

For Galleries and Backyards

Hi, how ya doin?. feels like We've neglected you all lately and thought it was time we put something up. This is our new album, web only. It was recorded in 2008 and maybe 07 too, they're live recordings made for us to play at our visual art shows or outdoor shows and try to reflect these settings with their open spaces. Its a continuing obsession that has lead to us purchasing a generator and to play or organize a slew of shows over the current summer. It also reflects our current practise of basic guitar/keyboards and pedal improvisation but hopefully minus all the conotations that that carries. Hope you like it.

Photo reproduced without the kind permission of Helen Johnson.... thanks Helen.

quick be the feet intro....

this is an excerpt from the album Quick be the Feet..... available from patrick at sunshine and grease

They Live/Moths Dissolving

This one never had any writing on the cover and was known by us as They Live... but has been labelled on soulseek amongst the 2 or 3 people who trade these tracks as Moths Dissolving after the firts track. This ones all made from live processing and was our second self published album fourth over all coming out with a booklet of drawings by Dylan in 2005. Mastering done by Cornel Wilczek.

dived in a micropone universe

Our Third record which came out in 2004. Now available for free, this originally was put out with a screen printed poster by Nathan in a 12 inch bag. Its our last purely concrete based record ie. the last one made up only of samples. After this we began to incorporate processed live instruments. Mastered by Cornel Wilczek.

It would have lived here

This is our breakthrough (Heh!) 2003 album originally released on Synaesthesia records now freed and unchained for all to share. Incorporating a range of spaces and juxtapositions

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